Kununurra Country Club

Kununurra Country Club is a popular and high end resort in the beautiful Kimberley region of Western Australia. It’s only fitting their website offering should be held to the same high standard as rooms and services they provide.


They approached me to transition between an outdated website build and replace and tweak a new, higher performing WordPress design, with SSL encrypted servers. WordPress allows them the flexibility of a customisable front end, while the secure Australian servers in Melbourne deal with the back end streaming of site data.

Tweaked for Google

With a reproduced design on a newer and improved theme, we made several improvements to aid in Google performance. Most of the benefits were in the front and back end development, streamlining the website for desktop and mobile. Trust is important in business, so making sure a website is secure and up to date, by investing in a good design team, the Kununurra Country Club can now demonstrate their commitment to their customers.