Landi Bradshaw Photo

Landi Bradshaw is an up and coming, professional landscape photographer; with a uniquely modern take on outback landscapes. Known for her unusual colour shots and spectacular settings, putting herself in right place to create interesting and flattering shapes across the beautiful landscapes. Unhappy with her current website and slow conversion, Landi worked with me to create a new website that not only captured the essence of her brand but also allowed her to manage an online photography shop.

Complete overhaul

Previously based on the WIX DIY platform, Landi approached me for a complete modernisation. WordPress with a WooCommerce integration was the perfect solution. Landi's dream for 2017 was to relaunch her online presence with a kick ass website shop that would allow her to generate a revenue from her passion, and I was here to help build it.

Designing for conversion

A website needs a purpose, a strategy that will give it a value and return on investment. Landi's website was designed with both a brand awareness and eCommerce strategy in place. To achieve this we followed Googles footsteps and kept the design minimal, clean and very easy to navigate.